Ubuntu Nautilus with gksudo

Running Unity’s GUI file manager with elevated privileges allows you to navigate your file system using Unity’s default file manager, Nautilus. In a terminal session type (and then enter you password):

Here’s a good ask ubuntu explanation of why you should use gksudo nautilus as opposed to sudo nautilus.

Of course as I become more and more familiar with Ubuntu, I find myself starting to just use the terminal as opposed to the ease of navigation from something like Nautilus. Also, I started using PhpStorm recently and it provides a terminal session right in the IDE (with the current directory already set your project directory).

This is just one of those little tips I’ve noted and decided to create a post here to provide a place for Ubuntu tips and tricks I like to keep close by.

wpKrewe’s Steps to A New WordPress Site

Link to Codex – Hardening WordPress


Test Crayon Syntax Highlighter Plugin

I’ve been a fan of the Crayon Syntax Highlighter Plugin since my first WordPress site and just installed it on this site.

Here’s a quick test post – the header.php file from the twentyseventeen theme.

Works nice like always and over the years the author has improved the functionality and ease of use. It’s all via the dialogue now as opposed to specifying the short code and property values. Nice.

Admin Category Initial Post

This section will be used to discuss features of the admin panel.

Plan to start with initial settings for HTTPS (along with associated .htaccess), setting a static landing page and basic widgets.